Optimize the sale of real estate through professional valuations

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If you would like to sell a house or an apartment, for example in Schladming or Wagrain, or if you would like to move out of an apartment or chalet in Bad Gastein, then we are your competent partner. As experienced real estate agents with roots in the beautiful Salzburger Land, we do not only offer you comprehensive market knowledge, but also professional services such as the valuation of your property. The latter is particularly important because a property can be sold much better and faster if you know its actual and current market value. This can hardly be determined exactly by a layman. We will be happy to determine the value of your real estate for you and also take on all the tasks associated with the sale of your real estate property. If you position your house or condominium on the market without knowing the exact value, various problems can arise in the sales process.

Avoid financial losses when selling your property

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Because many different factors influence the price of a property, it is usually very difficult for the owner to estimate the market value himself. It is therefore often the case that the market value is underestimated when a property is sold on one's own initiative and the property is therefore offered too cheaply. The result is that numerous interested parties will respond to your sales request who are enthusiastic about the low price. However, you will suffer financial losses if the sale actually takes place at this price. This loss cannot be made up afterwards. A previous valuation of your property by us prevents you from offering your property below value, and thus ensures that you achieve the currently maximum possible selling price.

Too high a selling price hinders the sale

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It is just as common for property sellers to overestimate the sale price by overestimating the value of their property when they are unaware of its actual market value. Consequently, the property offered on the market is significantly more expensive than comparable available properties in the region. Since there are many cheaper alternatives, potential buyers will usually opt for them. In this case, it can therefore take a very long time for a prospective buyer to contact you. This makes the sales process tedious and in the worst case does not even get going. Therefore, let us carry out a valuation before selling a property. Knowing the actual market value, the sale can be made easier and much faster. At the same time, you achieve a price that optimally reflects the conditions of the regional real estate market.

Inclusion of all important factors in the real estate valuation

If you entrust us with the valuation of a property that you would like to sell, we will include all important factors in the calculation. These include, the general condition of the building, its location and size as well as the degree of energetic refurbishment. The demand for the corresponding properties and the prices of comparable properties on the regional market are also taken into account during the valuation. Do you have any further questions about valuation or our services for property owners? Then please do not hesitate to contact us, we will give you detailed and personal advice.


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