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We offer comprehensive real estate services to property owners who wish to sell or rent a house or apartment in Bad Gastein or Wagrain. With many years of experience, we support you professionally, individually and privately with your concerns. Thanks to our excellent knowledge of the market, we are in a position to quickly and successfully conclude both planned property sales and planned rentals.

Selling real estate made easy

We take care of you throughout the entire sales process, and ensure that the sale of your house, apartment or chalet is relaxed and unproblematic. We take care of all the tasks on your behalf and make sure that your property is optimally placed on the market so that it can be found by the largest possible number of interested parties.

Get the best possible sale price thanks to valuation

If you would like to sell an object, then we carry out a valuation for you beforehand. This prevents you from suffering from any financial losses during the sale, because the selling price was set too low. On the other hand, the valuation prevents you from positioning yourself on the market with a price that is too high. This could result in no potential buyers being found for your property.

Long-term secure rental of your real estate

The search for solvent, reliable tenants is associated with a lot of time and effort for the property owner as a private individual. We are happy to take over the entire rental process for you, and do the work for you. Of course, our service includes all services from the presentation of your property on the market to site visits and handing over the keys to the new tenant.

Search our database for potential buyers for your property!

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The sale of a property is often much quicker and easier than expected. Especially if there is already a suitable prospective buyer for the property in question. You can easily check whether this is the case for your property with the help of our prospective buyer database. Here, interested parties registered with us can enter the details of their desired property, which you as the owner can then view and compare with the data of your property. If there is a potential buyer for your house or apartment in our database, we will be happy to establish the contact for you.

Always up-to-date - thanks to our owner login

If you have commissioned us to sell or rent your property, our owner login will make sure that you are always informed about the current state of affairs. You can use your personal login, for example, to find out whether there are currently any interested parties for your property or if there are inspection appointments pending. You can also find out about our activities with regard to the sale or rental of your property at anytime and anywhere.

Use our owner form

With the help of our owner form, you can send us the most important information about your property even before the first personal meeting. This enables us to give you even more targeted and customized guidance, and to start the sales process right away. Of course, we will still explain all the important details during an individual consultation. Please feel free to book an appointment with us.


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